Have You Considered North American Made PPE?

Aug 25, 2021 • PPE

U.S. Infrastructure construction is expected to see substantial growth through 2026. On August 11, the United States Senate passed a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill geared towards revitalizing America’s infrastructure that includes roads, highways, bridges, transit, drinking water systems, broadband, clean energy, environmental clean-up and more. According to the White House, the new bill is estimated to create 775,000 new jobs primarily within the construction industry. Of the $1.2 trillion, $110 billion will be allocated towards roads, bridges and major projects alike, $39 billion to public transit, $66 billion to freight and rail, $73 billion to power infrastructure, $42 billion to airports, ports, waterways and more. The investment into American infrastructure and the influx of expected construction work will more than likely create a gradual rise in demand for construction-related tools, machinery, materials and of course, PPE.


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