ARC Flash Hoods: Close the Gap Between Comfort and Compliance

Jul 22, 2021 • PPE


When working in high voltage environments, workers must protect themselves against ARC flash and flash fire hazards with PPE consistent with the NFPA 70E PPE set categories. This means equipping workers with the right gear that will protect their head, face, neck and all other parts of the body considering the severity of the electrical risk present. There are many common problems and complaints regarding ARC-rated head and face protection – specifically, poor visibility, face shield fogging, lack of airflow and heavy material composition, to name a few of the most cited complaints. All these discomforting factors can lead to decreased compliance, which results in an increased chance of worker injury, fatality, or at the very least, a decrease in overall efficiency and productivity. In this article, we’ll highlight the key things to consider when selecting ARC flash hoods and shields to address these issues.